Activations SFR



In 2011, SFR decided to jump in the extreme sports universe and chose the FISE to showcase its “summer action sport” series, in complement to the “winter action sports” series (SFR Tour, XGames Tignes). Presenting sponsor of the FISE Montpellier and of the FISE Xperience, the latter became the SFR FISE Xperience series in 2013.

Aside from the sponsoring, Hurricane developed a number of promotional strategies to bring this partnership to life and keep it shining, for the last 5 years.


    • Sponsoring activation: Project management, logistics, branding
    • Media activation: Live by SFR.
    • Digital activation: DéFISE By SFR , the digital stop of the SFR FISE Xperience series
    • Press relations and mediatisation: PR campaign, image distribution and media valorisation.
    • Creation and production of videos by SFR



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