For the last 30 years, the world of urban extreme sports has been evolving at an exponential rate, sometimes creating controversy. From inline skates to BMX, even with skateboards and now scooters, these disciplines are for the youth more than a sport: they are a lifestyle. They create passion and a craze at the same level than other more traditional sports like football or tennis.


In order to satisfy the needs, channel the energy and enhance the safety of these urban sports, infrastructures and an adapted site are necessary.

Gathering all the young athletes in one appropriate location allows creating a living and social cohesion area, while reinforcing safety by limiting the practice of these sports on urban property.
FISE AREA, official developer and creator of the competition areas at the Festival International des Sports Extremes (FISE) since 1997, puts all its knowledge and competences at your disposition. While offering standard products and/ or customized options, according to you needs, FISE AREA takes part in the sport and cultural evolution of your community. FISE AREA’s strength is to be composed of a team of professional athletes and passionate people who design, create and test the features.


  • Advice in terms of skatepark conception
  • Skatepark construction
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Rentals